What Is Brazilian Wax Like

In a Brazilian wax, all the pubic hair from your bikini area is groomed and removed, including the hard-to-reach areas. In essence, your entire pubic region is left completely bare. However, some women do not fancy the completely nude look and opt to leave a thin strip or a triangular shape at the bikini region. The choice is really up to you. Before you book your first waxing appointment at a reputable threading salon or a spa, here are some things you need to know about Brazilian waxing.

How Is A Brazilian Wax Different From Bikini Waxing?

Most women are conversant with the term bikini waxing or might have gotten the procedure done before. In a bikini wax, the pubic hair on your bikini line, sides of the bikini region, and the belly button area waxed. Basically, any region where hair could poke out from a bikini or swimsuit. However, Brazilian waxing is complete pubic hair removal. It includes every region in a bikini wax, on the front of the pubic bone and the area underneath called the perineum, to the anus. 

How Can You Prep For A Brazilian Wax?

Before going in for your Brazilian waxing appointment, make sure your pubic hair is grown out so that the wax can grip better. It takes about three to four weeks for your pubic hair to grow to a waxing level. Even after getting the Brazilian wax, do not shave! Shaving cuts down the pubic hair to different levels making the wax harder to grip. Waxing pubic hair is also uncomfortable and painful, especially for first-timers. You can take an anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen or diclofenac to help with the pain. Applying numbing cream at least half an hour before your appointment can also help. Exfoliating with a buffing mitt or washcloth a few days before your waxing appointment also helps prevent ingrown hairs, thus reducing pain. 

Another way to minimize pain is to avoid alcohol and caffeine the day before, as they cause your pores to tighten, making the wax procedure more painful. Tanning can also make the skin more sensitive. Thus, you should avoid getting one days before your waxing appointment. You should also wear loose clothing for maximum comfort after the procedure. 

What Happens During The Appointment?

Your waxing technician will ask you to remove your clothes and lie on your back with your knees raised and legs apart. They will then apply the pre-wax treatment, mostly an oil or powder, to protect your skin. The technician will then apply wax section by section. After a few minutes, the technician will peel away the wax by pressing down on your skin for leverage which pulls the hair by the root. After the procedure, the technician will apply a serum or cream on the area to soothe irritation. 

How To Find The Best Waxing Salon

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time can be a nervous experience. A professional and compassionate waxing technician will ensure a comfortable experience with the best results. It would help if you did your research by looking at customer testimonials and reviews before settling on a salon. At Newrain Eyebrow Threading, we provide superior quality waxing services at affordable prices. Our waxing procedures are performed by experienced estheticians with years of experience providing quality service. I recommend you book your appointment today by visiting our website. https://newraineyebrowthreading.com/

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