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 For long waxing services like Full Hands, Full Legs, Brazilian or Full body wax, we recommend to make an appointment by calling 972-892-4829 or requesting appointment Online. We welcome walk  ins also, but the time it takes depends on how many other customers are waiting before your turn. We do not recommend appointment for short waxing services like Lips, Face or under arms waxing, you can do walk-ins during normal business hours.

All of our waxing services are superior quality done by our our best estheticians in reasonable prices. If you become our valued Member, you will save more money on our waxing services. Please find the price of our waxing services below




Under Arms

Full Hands

Half Hands

Full Legs

Half Legs

Full Face (Includes Eyebrows)



Full Body Waxing










$75 +






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