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 For long waxing services like Full Hands, Full Legs, Brazilian or Full body wax, we recommend to make an appointment by calling 972-892-4829 or requesting appointment Online. We welcome walk  ins also, but the time it takes depends on how many other customers are waiting before your turn. We do not recommend appointment for short waxing services like Lips, Face or under arms waxing, you can do walk-ins during normal business hours.

All of our waxing services are superior quality done by our our best estheticians in reasonable prices. If you become our valued Member, you will save more money on our waxing services. Please find the price of our waxing services below




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“I usually go to Newrain for a Brazilian wax and she is amazing. She is professional, sweet, and always makes me feel comfortable. The salon is very clean with smiling faces. I have never had a bad experience and I have been going to her for about a year now. If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would.”

Lolade O

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Full Body Wax Arlington, and Grand Prairie Texas

Waxing is an essential part of grooming for everyone. Even people with little or no hair still have to wax certain body parts once in a while. Waxing is an ideal way to deal with unwanted body hair because it leaves the body part feeling smooth and clean. Newrain Eyebrow Threading located in Arlington Texas, and Grand Prairie Texas know the best about your waxing services. Whether you want to do your Face Wax, Legs, and Hand Wax, Brazilian, and Bikini Wax or Back Wax, we will take care of you with high professionaalism, and best customer service in affordable price.

Waxing vs Shaving ?

Whether you use razors or /and creams, shaving is not as effective as waxing when it comes to
getting rid of body hair. While shaving removes the hair on the surface, waxing goes deep into the hair follicle to pull out the hair. In Texas, you can get great waxing in Arlington and Grand Prarie by simply booking an appointment with Newrain Eyebrow Threading.

Waxing Benefits !

As a top body esthetician in Texas, we know that waxing holds a lot of benefits when it comes to
removing body hairs. Here are some of our favorite benefits of waxing:

· No cuts or nicks

Without razors going over sensitive areas to try and remove hair, there is no risk of getting tiny
nicks or full out cuts. These cuts can poise a lot of threats as they can cause infections due to
contact. Waxing leaves no nicks or cuts on your skin.

· Little risk of inflammation

With waxing, you have more time between appointments. This time frame gives the skin time.
With shaving, you have to do it often. This leads to constant friction on the skin, which results in
inflammation and discoloration.

· Longer timer between appointments

Hair grows back quickly in shaving, but that is not the case in waxing. Waxing pulls out the hair
from the follicles. It also helps the growth of finer, sparser hair which is great news for anyone
seeking a smooth skin.

· Some exfoliation finally

Not everyone has the time to exfoliate some of the areas we exfoliate. Waxing is a neat way to
get exfoliation in those areas.

· No itching or prickly feeling

That itchy feeling you feel after shaving is common and annoying. A lot of persons are unable to
resist the itching and proceed to give themselves nicks and cuts, which exposes them to
infections. With waxing, there is no itchiness or prickly feeling. All you walk away with a smooth skin that lasts a long while.

First-timers ?

We are glad, you are about to try your first wax. So here are few things to keep on mind

-Yes, it will hurt little more for the first timer, but you are in good hands, and we will try to minimize your pain. There is a saying “No pain, no gain” . Once you graduate from the first time wax experience, you will get used to it like our hundreds of waxing clients.

-When you make an appointment for your first wax either online or by calling, try to metion, “This is my first wax”, and we will give you extra attention so that you feel comfortable.

After Care, Follow up ?

After your waxing service, your technician will guide you through after care procedure such as : 

-Avoid hot showers, swimming, exercise, body sprays, tight clothes, sun baths, saunas etc for 24 hours.

-If you want to get maximum benefit of waxing, regular follow up is highly recommended, it will bring thinner hair, and smoother skin.


Walk Ins or Appointment ?

Walk ins recommended services :

Short services like upper lip, full face, underarms

Appointment Recommended Services:

Long services like Hands, Legs, Full Body, Brazilian, Bikini 

Appointment can be made through phone call at 972-891-4829 or online from following link:

Waxing Appointment for Arlington Location:

Waxing Appointment for Grand Prairie Location: