Top Eyebrow Threading Hacks And Secret That you Should Know !

There are some secrets about Eyebrow Threading Hacks And Secret That you should know to get beautiful eyebrows. Not only threading, these secrets may be helpful in getting perfect eyebrow even with waxing or tweezing.

  1. Do not tweeze regularly

It is a tendency of women to use the tweezer regularly whenever a hair is seen by them. If the hair is far from the brows then don’t worry about it and if it is near to your eyebrows then do not touch it.

2. Use Makeup

Brow makeup can really give them a pretty look. Do not try to remove the natural shape of the hairs and follow them as they already are. Always use a light shade of color then the natural color of your brows it it would hardly be noticed.

3. Finalize the Shape

The shape of brows that will suit you depends on the shape of your face and the natural shape of your eyes. So it is very important to analyse both these factors before determining the shape for your brows. For heart-shaped faces, round eyebrows are recommended and a long arched eyebrow is best for the one having square shaped face. For the oval shaped faces , high arched eyebrows are best.

4. Cleaning every week

Do no pluck your hairs daily and decide a day in a week and on that day sit down at place having enough light. Make sure that the lightning is not dim, otherwise you may face problems. Follow these two instruction for cleaning

  • Leaving two hairs outside the eyebrows, using eyebrow pencil draw an outline outside and leave the inner hairs. Do not touch any other part above the eyebrows as touching them may lead to some serious problems.
  • Tightly pull the upper part of your brow and place the starting arch. Now start tweezing and plucking the unwanted hairs.

I hope now this Eyebrow Threading Hacks And Secret will help you to get Awesome and beautiful eyebrows. Don’t forget to share the result with us…

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