Tips for Safe and Efficient Home Waxing

When it comes to body waxing, safety is essential for radiant, smooth, fresh, and clean skin. Brazilian waxing is among the safest popular services employed by most waxing spas and salons. However, with a proper waxing kit and instructions, you can remove unwanted hair from home. Here are valuable tips for safe and efficient waxing:

Learn to Wax with Freshly Washed Skin

Before beginning a waxing session, be sure to have clean and dry skin. Cleaning should be done with mild soap or body wash to effectively eliminate germs, oils, dirt, and lingering body residues. Remember, having oily skin and hair may prevent the wax from sticking as required. Skin cleansing action will also minimize the chances of developing infected bumps and ingrown hairs once the wax is removed. Several soap-free formulas are specially made to unclog pores, remove bacteria and soothe the skin. 

Exfoliate Before Waxing

Skin exfoliation should be done at least one or two days before the wax is applied to achieve a more desirable waxing outcome. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells surrounding the hair follicles and loosen existing ingrown hairs. Using the right products is highly recommended as this may impact the final results. Be careful not to scrub too hard as this could cause skin irritation. When applying the wax, do so gently to avoid irritating the skin. 

Apply Wax Against the Direction of Hair Growth

The most effective way to apply wax is taking time to spread it against the hair grain. It is best to start small by targeting lesser patches of skin before covering larger sections and difficult-to-reach areas. For effective results, double dip the wax spatula from your wax container to avoid introducing bacteria. Always stay on the lookout for the best kits with ample waxing spatulas to prevent bacteria and other double-dipping problems. 

Remove Wax Against the Direction Growth

The instructions for removing the wax are usually indicated in the product description label and accompanying videos. The wax should be applied gently and left to harden in a short while. Once this is done, pull the wax immediately while holding the skin in the direction of hair growth. Then remove the strip or wax swiftly in the opposite direction using the freehand.

Perform Thorough Aftercare

Once the waxing process is complete, choose an appropriate skin product to soothe your skin and fight bacteria. You should follow the soothing action with a consistent after regime. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin at least three times a week after taking a shower or bath. It also helps moisturize the skin daily with lotion or oil to eliminate ingrown hair and irritation. The follow-up will help you achieve lasting results as you prepare for the next waxing session.

Seek Professional Help

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