8 Things you may not know about Threading

Everything About Threading

Do you think you know everything about threading? May be you know all, some, or may be you do not know what I am talking about. Threading is an ancient art of plucking facial hair that is practiced for centuries in Middle Eastern countries and some countries of Indian subcontinent like, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The technician will pluck your unwanted hair gently with a loop of thread. You can watch some videos to see how threading really works.

Now you know, threading, here are 8 things you still may not know about it.

1) More Defined and Cleaner Eyebrows

Unlike waxing, Threading can remove every single hair from its root. The experienced threader has such a control that they can give you defined line with a precise shape. And unlike waxing, there is no contamination of residual wax on your skin, leaving you with clean Eyebrows.

2) Lasts Longer

Threading will last for an average of two to four weeks. You do not have to pluck or wax random hair in few days because threading will make your hairs even. Threading will take out all your unwanted hair, so they grow at the same time. If you thread sooner, less hair will grow, and technician can work on same defined shape as previous time.

3) Not much Pain

Many people who have not done threading tend to think that threading will hurt, but that’s not true. If it’s your first time, you might tickle little or it might be small sensation. Threading is the gentlest form of removing hair comparing with Waxing, or plucking. If you think I am lying, please watch these people and let me know if they are feeling any pain.

4) Good for people with Sensitive skin

Threading is the best alternative for people with sensitive skin, or for the people even with acnes. It is also good for people who are doing chemical peels, or Botox because waxing is not recommended on those sensitive skins. Aimee Song, blogger and author of “Capture your style” says that she liked to get threaded for more defined and precise shaped brow and also because she have sensitive skin where waxing can sometimes create breakouts or burns and redness.

5) Threading is Harmless and Hygienic

In Threading procedure, there is no use of chemicals, dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Some people are concerned about hygiene issues because the technician has to grab one end of the thread in her mouth. But if you take a closer look, you can see that your skin will never touch that end of the thread. They use new piece of thread in time between threading, and every professional eyebrow threader should sanitize their hands often and between clients.

6) It is the Cheapest and the Quickest

In Texas, Eyebrow Threading cost used to be $20-$30 per session. Now with its popularity, and big competition, it is cheaper alternative than Waxing. The price of Eyebrow Threading in Texas is now $7-$10. With Customer Loyalty, Membership and various Discounts it is much cheaper as close to $5 or even less.
Eyebrow Threading is the quickest too. If you are in good hands, you will have the most beautiful brow in less than 5 minutes.

7) Not only for Gals

Lot of men do not like to do eyebrow waxing because they will be terrified if it looks like a girl’s brow. Waxing can accidentally take out more of their eyebrows making it look feminine. Men like eyebrows to be masculine, and full. In this case Threading might be perfect solution because it can take out single line or a single hair precisely. Lot of men also like to thread their cheeks lines, uni-brows, forehead because shaving will grow more hair and make it messy.
Holywood celebrities like Mario Lopez, and Zac Effron can be Men’s inspiration for threading. But you can watch normal men doing their eyebrows and get that “Yes I can do it” moment

8) Good for  Facial Hair only

People will think threading is done only for eyebrows. But in fact threading is done on Lips, Cheeks, Uni-brow, Chin, Neck, Nose, Side Burns and Whole Face. But, remember that threading is good only for Facial hair but no other body parts like legs, hands, private parts because it is tedious, time consuming, painful and more expensive.

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