Maintaining Your Brazilian Wax During Winter

We are advised to maintain regular waxes throughout the year because doing so weakens our bodies’ hair follicles, causing our hair to grow back at slow rates. Your summer routine shouldn’t stop during the winter because you risk losing the benefits of lighter, thinner and slower growing hair. To be confident that you’re maintaining the proper waxing routine even during winter, book an appointment with us before your much-deserved winter break. At Newrain Eyebrow Threading, we offer exquisite eyebrow threading and waxing services that help maintain that summer body all year round. Here are a few tips that would help make your waxing efforts easier to maintain.  


Dry winter hair is common in the cold season and likely to break as you wax. This breakage can cause your hair to grow back faster than you expected and thicker than before. Drinking plenty of water and during the winter can help keep your skin and hair follicles healthy and hydrated enough.  

Throw Away the Razor

Shaving using a razor can counter the effects of waxing that you have tried so hard to maintain. While waxing aids in weakening hair follicles and makes the hairs on your skin more comfortable to remove, shaving makes them grow thicker and stronger than ever. Therefore, for the same summer results, we should ditch the razor.  

Exfoliate Regularly

Waxing can cause ingrown hair. Therefore, we are advised to exfoliate regularly for the best waxing results throughout the year. Gently scrubbing your skin helps remove the dead skin and prevents ingrown hair from growing thicker.  

Be Sure to Moisturize

Along with exfoliation, for the benefit of our waxed skin, we should moisturize regularly. Moisturizing the skin ensures that it stays healthy and hydrated enough for easier waxing.  

Check on Your Hair Growth

Our hair tends to grow faster during the summer than in the winter because the heat and humidity open our pores for more extended periods. When our pores are kept open, it promotes hair growth. On the other hand, during the cold season, the pores tend to shrink, which slows down hair growth. We are advised to avoid maintaining the same waxing time frame for the summer during the winter. This is because our hair might be too short to wax. It would be helpful to wait until our hair is at least an eighth of an inch before waxing again.  

Always Use Sunscreen

We need to use sunscreen all year round and not only on vacations. Sunscreen is especially crucial for the first 24 hours after a wax because it helps prevent irritation or redness.  

Let your skin glow

Most of us tend to get cozy and comfortable during the winter, making us forget about maintaining our regular wax routine. However, we shouldn’t let the cold prevent us from getting our usual Brazilian wax, and, thus, schedule an appointment with Newrain Eyebrow Threading. To learn more about how we can help your skin stay healthy and smooth, visit us on

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