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Henna Tattoo, Henna, Temporary Tattoo, Mhendi …

Henna Tattoo or Mhendi are very popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and middle eastern countries. They are like temporary tattoos and are non toxic, totally safe. It will give you a feel of real tattoo, but with very simple process of drawing designs. Henna Tattoos are getting popular all over the world nowadays because it looks beautiful and lot cheaper than the real tattoo.

Henna for Tattoo ?

Yes, henna is used to feel alike other tattoos that we know of. Those tattoos that we know of are permanent while henna tattoos are temporary. You can easily take henna tattoos off in few hours or days, or it will fade by itself in few days. They are a brilliant solution to get the vibe of permanent tattoos.

Henna Tattooist

The henna technician or henna tattooist will use a plastic cone to apply the henna on your hand and it will take 5 to 15 minutes depending on design. Our Henna Tattoo design in Arlington, and Grand Prairie salon starts from $10 and is getting lot of attention with our clients. Have you tried those ?


Henna Tattoo in Grand Prairie

There is something about Henna Tattoos that makes us feel exotic. Henna has been used from ancient times as body art. From the Egyptians to the Persian, the Arabians, Indians, and several African tribes. Each of these people have their use for Henna, but it is mostly used for body art and beautification. Henna was used in the old days as a cooling agent. The body coolness was felt for as long as the stain remained. This led people to make intricate designs from henna paste, resulting in Henna Tattoos.

Henna in the Western World !

Like with most exotic trends, henna tattoos eventually found its way to America. It has been worn by several celebrities and has now become a rave for women in America.

Why Henna Tattoos ?

Not only are they intricately beautiful, but they are also non-toxic and non-permanent. Apart from the fact that they can be removed, they usually fade off with time. Henna tattoos are an excellent option for anyone who enjoys the exotic fashion of the Eastern tribe. It always gives the wearer a different look.

They are also perfect options for people who want to have that tattoo vibe without getting a real tattoo.

Henna Tattoo in DFW ?

It is quite easy to get a henna tattoo artist in New York City, so what about those who live in Dallas Fort worth Metroplex ?

Newrain Eyebrow Threading has you covered.

When it comes to Henna Tattoo Grand Prairie Newrain boasts of experienced henna Tattoo artists who know how to provide the best services. Our henna Tattoo artists are trained to give every client the most exotic Henna tattoos in the metro. Henna tattoos go beyond lines and drawings. They can be flowers, and they can be an entire story. They can have a special meaning.

It takes a person with experience to bring your dream Henna tattoo to life.

How long will it take ?

It depends on the design. A simple deisgn will take merely 5 minutes while complicated designs will take anywhere between half an hour to an hour.

Appointment is a Must !

We take walk ins for most of our short services like eyebrow threading, but appointment is a must for henna tattoos. Henna tattoo is an art, and we have few technicians that have mastered henna tattoos. Please call us at 972-891-4829 to make your next henna tattoo appointment with one of our expert artist.


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