Mini Facial, Rubber Mask, Skin exfoliation, Skin Cleansing, Black Head Removal, Facial Mask …!

Newrain Eyebrow Threading have been providing Facial service for Grand Prairie residents since 2016. Our Facials are top facials yet very affordable. We have mini facial which is of 30 minutes and we have several 1 hour Facials. The price of Mini facial is only $30, and you will get lots of benefits from it.During Facials we will perform Cleansing, Exfoliation, Extractions, Facial Massage, and Facial Masking. We use quality natural products, and we extract your black heads which will open the hair follicles to make your skin soft, radiant and healthy. 


Mini Facial – 30 Minutes

Fruit Facial- 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Herbal Facial – 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Pearl Facial- 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Gold Facial- 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Diamond Facial- 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes

Additional Rubber Mask, LED Lights etc


$40 & Up

$40 & Up

$40 & Up

$45 & Up

$45 & Up

$20 and Up


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Steps !

Skin Analysis & Face Cleansing:

The first step for all facials is the Skin Analysis. People have various skin types, most common types are Oily skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Combination skin or Normal Skin. Under the bright light, we will then evaluate your skin to figure out what type of product, and Facial Mask we have to use for you.We will then apply our products on your face, and neck. This will remove your makeup, and dirt you have acquired. We then clean your face using hot towel.

Skin Exfoliation:

In this step, we will use our exfoliating face scrub. The scrub will remove the dead skin cells, and open up the clogged pores, which is very crucial for your healthier facial skin.


We use Distilled water for this step. The water is boiled in a Facial Steamer and we will give you a soothing warm steam which will relax you and also open up more clogged pores. This will make your skin soft and it will be ready for extracting the Blackheads.

Blackheads Extraction:

Blackheads are the most common forms of Acne. These are small bumps on skin caused by clogged hair follicles. People with oily skin types might have more blackheads, but anyone can get them. We will make sure to extract out all of your blackheads.

Face Massage:

The gentle massage and the various stroke we provide will give you more relaxation and stimulate your facial skin for your younger and healthier look.

Facial Masking per skin type:

According to your skin type, we will apply our masking application. The application is a paste, and when we remove, it will come out as a mask. This process will stimulate your skin by hydrating it, and also relaxes you