Our technicians are experienced with years of providing professional THREADING, FACIAL and WAXING services to many clients. We recommend you to get service from any of the available technicians upon your walk-ins. If you have a specific technician you would like to get service from, we suggest you to call us at 972-891-4829 to know her schedule for that week. Else, due to rotational work schedule, technician’s vacation time, and placement in different locations, you may not get the technician you are looking for. The important thing is at Newrain Eyebrow Threading, we have skilled technicians with unique way of getting your threading, facial and waxing needs done professionally no matter whom you get the service from ! Our goal is to keep you satisfied with our service so that  you don’t have to go to another salon and risk your eyebrows that we have tamed for months! Please follow below comments to get most out of us

-Let our experienced technicians know how exactly you would like to get your eyebrow done. Just simply saying “I need to thread my eyebrow” may not  be the  right answer. Rather be specific and say if you just want a cleanup or like to get a specific shape and size, thicker or thinner etc.

-You may take a quick close-up photo of your eyebrow and show the technician how do you like  your eyebrow be done. You may take another close-up photo after the service is completed just to compare your eyebrows ‘before’ and ‘after’ so that you can make a visual comparison.

-Appointment is not necessary for threading services during business hours.

-Your loyalty will be rewarded here in various ways. Being a MEMBER and using DIGITAL PUNCH CARD will reduce your Eyebrow threading price to $4.28 instead of $7. This is savings of $65 for a year, just for the Eyebrow Threading.  You will also get points from our Refer-A- Friend System where points can be redeemed for various offers. You will save more than $300 a year if you become our Waxing and Facial Customer

-We  recommend setting up APPOINTMENT for other services such as FACIALS and WAXING, although walk-ins are always welcome.

-The walk-ins clients for FACIALS, and WAXING are served under first-come-first serve basis and also depending upon the availability of right technician. During busy hours and booked time slots for appointments, we may request you to set up an appointment for later time or day.

-If you are not satisfied with the services provided by any of our technicians and/or other issues related to technician’s professionalism, appointment difficulty etc., please feel free to contact the management office by calling and/or texting the number 972-891-4829. We take such matters seriously and act instantly to serve our clients the best.  We will make sure you will be happy after calling us and we act accordingly to fix any issues you had.

Finally, mistakes and errors may happen regardless of our continued effort to provide you the best possible service. Therefore, we request you to provide us with your suggestions, feedback and constructive comments for the improvement of our service quality and your satisfaction. We believe in a professional and friendly service. We hate to say that we reserve the right to deny service to clients who are abusive and use threats to our staff, business and other clients. We truly appreciate you for giving us opportunity to serve you. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our service, please let’s have a friendly conversation to resolve it smoothly and promptly.