Everything about eyebrow threading

What exactly Eyebrow Threading is ?

It is a technique for removing unwanted hairs and this technique is used by the beautiful women all over the world to look more beautiful. Many ladies have sensitive skin and Threading is the best alternative for this type of skin instead of using waxing or tweezing which may cause harm to the skin and they are much more painful too. In waxing , layer of your skin gets removed which can make it prone of damage under sun but in eyebrow threading there is no such kind of issue. Threading is the best technique to remove unwanted hairs and and to get beautiful eyebrows with well defined edges.

In this article we will share all tips, tricks and secrets of eyebrow threading .

Areas of the body which can be threaded :-

  • Eyebrows
  •  Chin
  • Neck
  • Sideburns
  • fingers

Secret of Eyebrow threading which makes it better than Waxing

As we have already told you threading is better alternatives than any other method like waxing, sugaring or tweezing to remove hairs. This is the only reason of increasing demand of this service in the salons everywhere. Discomfort factor in this method is least and unlike waxing it does not make your skin to come in contact with hot wax. Above all it is the easiest of all the methods and can be done at home with the help of eyebrow threading tips and tricks in our articles. If this method is used there are least chances of hairs to grow back again as the hairs are removed from its root.

Time which eyebrow threading takes .

If you are aware of all the eyebrow threading techniques and you have already read our other articles which provides you Eyebrow threading  tips and tricks  , then it will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes to thread your eyes

Pain caused in Eyebrow threading

Most of you will agree that threading is the best technique and superior to other methods like waxing because of least discomfort. As in this, individual hairs are targeted which is the reason of skin irritation being minimum in eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading tips and tricks for sensitive skin.

Yes, threading is the best method to be used if you have a sensitive skin . The best thing about this method is that skin is least affected in this unlike other hair removal methods. It is normal to feel itching at the threaded area but it will be subsided within 15 to 20 minutes of completion of threading. In the rare cases only it will remain for as long as 30 minutes to an hour. People who face problems like breakouts from waxing will get relief from all this after switching to Threading . For the people having extra sensitive skin, it is recommended to not to use the lotion or aloe gel which is applied in the procedure of threading and instead of using any face product, ice cube should be applied at the threaded area for at least 2 hours.

Preparation Eyebrow threading Tips and Tricks

Before doing threading of eyebrows , let the hairs of your eyebrow grow above the skin . A lit bit more grown up hairs are needed if you want to give a new shape to your eyebrows and they should not be tweezed which will help you in identifying the natural shape of your brows and new shape will be given easily

Eyebrow Threading Secrets and tips and tricks for men

As eyebrow threading makes the eyebrows of women beautiful and these beautiful eyebrows adds to the glow of the face and decides beauty of their face, men should also be encouraged for eyebrow threading to maintain the natural look of a man’s eyebrow . Threading can give a perfect shape to a man’s eyebrows for a business meeting or may be a job interview , so it is very important for a man to look classy and which cannot be completed without perfect look and shape of eyebrows . For more detailed discussion go through our other article Eyebrow threading tips and tricks for a man.

Tips for saving yourself from Acne after eyebrow threading

As it is evident that there are no side effects of eyebrow threading on our skin and it is safe even for sensitive as well as extra sensitive skin. In fact, the amount of Breakout and Acne which is caused in the process of Threading is nothing in front of the pain and acne which is caused during Waxing . Eyebrow threading is a totally hygienic method and there should be no fear in the mind of anyone before threading their eyes.

Tips for eyebrow shape that suits best on your face

The shape which best suits a face depend on just two things which are “natural shape of your Eyebrows” as well as “the shape of your face ” . Different people have different shapes of their faces like oval shape , Round shape , Heart Shape or Square Shape. The arch of the eyebrow should be selected very carefully because as the correct shape of your Eyebrows can add to the beauty of your face and a little mistake in selecting the shape for your eyebrows can give a very ugly look to a beautiful looking face

For detailed discussion on the shapes of the eyebrows depending upon the shapes of face , refer to our article ”Eyebrow Shapes That suits best on your face”

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