Digital Punch Card

    Get Free Eyebrow Threading in our salon at 7th session, We use easy digital punch card system, All of your threading sessions will be awarded hassle-free. There will be no worry that you will loose your card. After you have completed 6th Eyebrow Session, your 7th Eyebrow threading will be FREE. After registering, you will receive a link to share. When you refer a friend, you will receive one Free Punch and your friend will also receive on free punch. The more friend you refer, more free punches you will get. 

To get started, just put your phone number on the IPAD by the register during check out. You will receive a confirmation text message, and registering process. Punch your phone number during check out every time you do the service. You will receive FREE Eyebrow threading after 6 punches, it’s that Simple !

Do you want to save more money? Become our MEMBER. Being a member and using digital punch card will reduce your Eyebrow threading price to $4.28 instead of $7. This is savings of $65 for a year, just for the Eyebrow Threading. You will save more than $300 a year if you become our WAXING and FACIAL Customer