We are open from May 8, Friday

-Accepting Walk Ins only

-Please check our updated business hours on the homepage for each location.

-Must wear FACE MASKS, and GLOVES. If you don’t have it, we can sell you for $5 if available. If we are out, we would have to ask you to come back another day

-If you think, you are sick, or been close to sick person recently, or have been travelling, please do not come to salon, think about yourself and others, and postpone your appointments. The symptoms of covid-19 includes  Fever, Fatigue, Dry-Cough, Difficulty in breathing.

Come SOLO: Please come  without any friends, family members for the service, no pets, keys, purse inside.

-You may not get appointment exactly on the time you were scheduled because of short services like eyebrow threading, so please excuse us for inconvenience. We will try our best to serve you as fast as we can with safety of all in mind.

-You may not be able to get the technician you want because not all of our technicians are working. There is now way we know who will be working on specific days because of this fluid situation. All of our technicians are good, and they will try their best, so please give them a chance, and take your chances 😉

Tips are Appreciated : Our employees are taking risk to serve you during this hard time, so they will appreciate your generosity, and will be motivated by extra money. If you are not able to Tip them, they will love your nice smile, and good feedback. If you are unhappy about anything, just let us know nicely, and we will try to correct it. All we ask during this hard time is your support, and we will do the same.

-No Discounts: We are not offering any discounts, punch cards, free services during this time. As situation becomes little normal, we will start those. We are trying to stay afloat with less revenue because we are taking fewer customers for everybody’s safety.

-All of our services will not be available for sometime. Since you will be required to use face mask for your face, we cannot do threading for lip, chin, full face etc, only visible part with mask can be serviced. Waxing service will be available, and Facial will not be available during this time. We will add more services gradually. Please do not force us to do services that can risk your’s, our employee’s, and other customer’s safety.

-If you have bought a gift card, and helped us to generate some revenue during this hard time, we are so thankful. If you can, please do not use this gift card for at least during this 2 weeks, you can save it for future, but that’s up to you.

Be Nice, and Stay Safe: This is a difficult time for everybody. If for any reason you are not happy, let’s still be nice to each other. You can always email us at [email protected], and we will reply to you and try to solve the issue within 24 hrs.





 Health Related COVID-19 Information Sites

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

-Texas Department of State Health Services







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