Everything a girl must know about about Bikini/Brazilian Waxing

Can I shower After A Brazilian Wax?How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Take To Heal?How To Get Rid Of Red And White Bumps After A Brazilian Wax?You may have done it or you have not tried it yet. You may be in dilemma about this Brazilian or Bikini Waxing. No worries Ladies, that’s why Newrain Salon is here to educate and give you the best waxing experience in the town, so let’s get this thing started !

What is a Bikini/Brazilian Wax:

Brazilian Waxing is just a slang  for removing hair from private part using hot wax. It is also known as Hollywood Waxing or some people call it Full Bikini Waxing. A Brazilian wax typically removes strands of hair on vagina lips and behind. You can leave few hairs on the top like a strip or triangle to be more sexy, or you can go totally bare.


Story Behind Brazilian Wax:

People have been waxing their pubic hair for long time. An earlier study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggested that the trend of removing private part hair originated in South America, which made the term Brazilian wax as another house hold name for pubic hair removal.

But another popular story is behind 3 Brazilian sisters who made the name Brazilian Wax as a world wide phenomena.


“The Brazilian bikini wax was born here in New York, not Brazil,” says Jonice Padilha, of the J Sisters salon in Manhattan, which pioneered the treatment in the early 1990s”. Here is an inspiring story about J Sisters who made this name popular among us, and can be referred as the  Women Behind Brazilian Wax.


Benefits of Brazilian/Bikini Wax:

There are many benefits of Bikini/Brazilian Wax, here are major points for you to get interested. If you are interested to learn more, we have prepared for you, The Ultimate Benefits of Bikini/Brazilian Waxing

  1. Smoother Skin
  2. Exfoliates Skin
  3. Thinner and Finner Hair
  4. Hair Free for Longer
  5. Minimum Irritation
  6. Confidence Booster
  7. Happy Love Life


How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back After A Brazilian Wax?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, it can take 2-4 weeks before your hair starts to grow back. However, the regrowth will be much thinner.

How To Get Rid Of Red And White Bumps After A Brazilian Wax?

The most important thing when dealing with bumps after a Brazilian wax is to keep the area free of excess moisture or bacteria. Keep the area clean with an antibacterial soap and apply some anti-inflammatory topical treatments. The use of astringents and antibiotic creams also help when dealing with bumps.

Is There A Difference Between A Brazilian Wax And A Bikini Wax?

A bikini wax incorporates the removal of hair from the edges so that nothing will peek through your bikini bottoms. However, a Brazilian wax goes beyond that and removes all the hair from the stomach, front, and even the back.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Take To Heal?

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it can heal in a couple of hours or it might even take a couple of days until your skin is completely healed after a Brazilian wax.

Can I shower After A Brazilian Wax?

Yes, you can shower, but with cool water. This is because your follicles remain open for several hours after getting a Brazilian wax. So, it is important to avoid too much moisture. Cool water will help seal your follicles.

Can I Workout After A Brazilian Wax?

No, you cannot work out immediately after a wax. Give it a good 24 hours before you go about your usual workout routine after getting waxed.

What Should You Wear After A Brazilian Wax?

It’s best to wear your most comfortable pair of cotton underwear for at least 24 hours after getting waxed. It is also advised to wear baggy clothing until your skin is less sensitive.

What is a Bikini Wax ?

As the name implies, a bikini wax is the removal of hair along the bikini line. A bikini wax ensures that when you’re in your bikini bottom, you do not have to worry about any hair outside of the lines of your bikini. This typical bikini wax is simple, relatively, fast.

What is a Full Bikini Wax

A full bikini wax removes the hair along the bikini line but also goes further into the the frontal part of your bikini area. Based on your preference you can get as much hair as you want removed from the frontal part of your bikini area with a full bikini wax.

What is a Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian Wax is the next step from the full bikini wax. A Brazilian Wax removes all the hair from the frontal part of your bikini area and then goes all the way back.  Every bit of hair is waxed off during a Brazilian wax: hair on the front, back, sides, and in between. Removing all the hair in your bikini area. This wax is perfect for those who like the nude feel and do not want any hair whatsoever down there.