All You Need to Know Before Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded

The beauty industry has taken a significant u-turn. It seems this is the only existing thing that has managed to defeat the force of gravity as it continues to boom all across the earth. The trend spans from skincare products and brands, hair products, synthetic and human hair, makeup to the trending spa and aesthetic services. I guess there’s no limit to the explosive growth the market is embracing. According to Forbes magazine, the industry generates $532 billion a year. Currently, the USA is the leading market globally, followed by China and Japan with 20%, 13%, and 8%, respectively. 

However, that wasn’t our primary concern; this article aims to discover trends in the beauty and cosmetic world. Thus, its primary focus would be directed to Eyebrow threading.  If you are looking for a chance to spoil yourself and an escape plan to get away from it all, Newrain Eyebrow Threading Spa is the place to chill out. Did we mention the tremendous facial and all types of, full body waxing you’ll enjoy in a beautiful salon? Did that win you over? Okay, maybe our affordable pricing, top-notch quality and impeccable customer service will! 

What Is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has become a trend in all leading spas and salons. It has been a standard norm among Asians, but now Westerners embrace it, making the rest of the world accustomed. I guess “the lipstick effect” is taking its course. A thin cotton thread is used to twist out unwanted hairs by plucking them out at the eyebrows’ follicle, upper lip, and sideburns. Whether male or female, beauty has no boundaries. It is a service offered to both.

Difference Between Threading and Waxing

Eyebrow waxing entails applying a warm wax using a wooden spatula; later, a paper strip is used to cover the wax area. The pressure is generated to ensure the wax sticks to the paper. It’s only then that the paper is removed gently to pull the hair off the follicle. 

Threading is an alternative to waxing. The difference is it uses a piece of cotton or polyester thread, but the same purpose is achieved.

Pros of Eyebrow Threading

Unlike other procedures of shaping the eyebrows, threading seems to be fast and saves on downtime. Aside from that, it doesn’t use chemicals or inorganic ingredients that may affect your skin if it’s sensitive. Plus, it’s a more accurate procedure and safe if you’re using topical retinoids and creams, unlike waxing. Threading is affordable and lasts longer.


Irritation can occur if it hasn’t been done by a skillful professional. As a result, you may suffer from keratosis; a condition brought about by ingrown hairs. There’s also a possibility of suffering from molluscum contagiosum in some rare cases.

Tips for Threading Eyebrows at Home

  1. Conduct a test. It’s important to test your threading skills with other parts of your face or body. Once you control it, you’ll know how to manipulate the thread around your eyebrows.
  2. Practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, if you still find it difficult to shape your eyebrows with a thread, keep on practicing until you reach your perfection.
  3. Prepare. Before threading, ensure the area around your eyebrow is clean. You can use rose water or micellar water to remove makeup impurities or dirt.

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